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●Air conditioner/Refrigerator
●Tools series

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Home appliance division has an annual production capacity of 200-400 sets moulds. Most of the moulds are made for refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and garden tools etc. We succeed to bring advanced forming technologies like Mucell injection into the moulds to benefit our customers.





our advantages
High Quality (Mold & Product Quality)
On-time delivery (Approval Sample & Mould Delivery)
Cost Control (Direct & Indirect Cost)
Best Service (Service to Customer, Employee & Supplier)

System— U8 ERP management system
Routine—Project Engineering Control
Standardization—Performance Assessment System

The annual average is about 20 sets of cars, household appliances micro-foaming molds. Have the sbility to propose solutions to part design and mold design, and can complete the mold testing on 470t-3300t micro-foaming plastic injection machine.
Advantages: shorten molding cycle, improve dimensional accuracy, eliminate shrinkage of product surface, reduce clamping force and reduce product weight.
Representative customers: Benz, Volkswagen, Great Wall, ford, GEELY.

Low pressure injection molding:
The annual average is about 5 sets of low pressure injection mold.
Advantages: improve product level and appearance quality.
Representative customer: BAIC.

Technique of Gate Cut in Mold:
The annual average is about 5-10 sets for automobile, household goods molds.
Advantages: effectively reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.
Representative customer: Volvo, Dongfeng Automobile.

Free spraying:
The annual average is about 5 sets of automobile free spraying injection molds.
Advantages: reduce cost and improve product appearance quality.
Representative customer: Renault.

Our project team will make all their efforts by “Scheme + supervise + prevent + transmit”, to be sure that each project comes to a successful completion.
Scheme: concentrated on “quality” and “delivery”, we plan for each new project and each visit.
Supervise: next step after scheme is to supervise design, purchase, measurement, machining and testing.
Prevent: prevent against any possibly abnormal conditions.
Transmit: we will make conclusion for each project and transmit failure or successful experience to related link, to have better result by next project.

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